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personal loan risk management

cooperation agencies manage  

(1) partners to manage the content  

① auto dealer fraud risks.  

more than a car loan. car dealers with colluding buyers, with the same set of real car data to get loans from banks.  

a loan b. who actually used the name identity of borrowers obtain car loans.  

false prices. collusion of the dealers and lenders making a price and the price to the bank for a loan.  

an impostor. stolen data as ordinary customers to buy cars and apply for bank loans.  

all fraud.  

false. shell company incorporated distribution vehicle, personal car loans unsecured loans attract residents, fraud insurance fraud.  

ii cooperation agencies of the security risk. mainly insurance performance security insurance, and car dealers and professional third-party surety of a security company.  

insurance performance security insurance. a. insurance companies terminate the insurance contract according to law (the insured intentionally fails to perform the obligation, the insurer has the right to terminate the contract and the insurance accident occurring prior to the termination of the contract, does not assume responsibility for damages or payment of insurance); b. disclaimer; c. limitation of guarantee insurance; d. the effectiveness of bank-insurance cooperation agreement has a great deal of uncertainty.  

third-party guarantee. includes auto dealer surety bond guarantee and professional security company. the major risk is the guarantor provided only a small amount of margin loans secured.  

(2) risk prevention and control measures of cooperation management  

① strengthening the pre-loan investigation, effectively verifiable credit performance.  

strict controls access to cooperative security institutions, cooperation and guarantee business management for dynamic monitoring, financial strength and security capabilities, adjust their security lines.  

③ loans insured by the dealers, professional security agencies should monitor whether the guarantor remains in full security.  

ii work with performance guarantee insurance for insurance companies, should be formulated in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the cooperation agreement and avoid cooperation agreement invalid or vulnerabilities cannot claim.