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development of micro-credit industry will enter a stable phase

     central on sunday (january 26) issued the 2013 mcc data statistics report. reports indicate that in 2013, the national micro-credit institutions total 7,839, paid-up capital of rmb 713.339 billion, loans of 819.127 billion yuan. compared to the year of 2013, 8.89 trillion of new lending, micro-credit, the proportion rose to 9.2%, share was impressive. analysis since 2010 small loan time series data released by the central bank, 2013 and the cross-sectional data, we can draw the following conclusions: 1 the development of micro-credit industry entered a period of stability. from 2011 to 2013, annual growth slowed markedly in the micro-credit loan balance, fell from 98% to 38%, this year is likely to fall further. on the same number appear institutions from 2011 rose 63.8% 28.9% slipped to 2013. two data shows that micro-credit industry is bid farewell to super high speed development time, to a state of relative stability and balance, the credit risk exposure and sinking of the business center of banking institutions, are the main reasons leading to this situation. 2, and small loan industry of risk in can control range, reflected in industry of lever ratio basic stable in 1.1-1.18 times times of level, 2013 national average lever rate for 1.15 times times, which, guangxi highest for 1.39 times times, another has 7 a province or autonomous regions (liaoning, and ningxia, and guizhou, and heilongjiang, and gansu, and jilin and tibet) of lever rate is less than 1, displayed local small loan development compared dull, may has after reorganization, into stagnation period. 3, seen from the loans, micro-credit is the most active area is the area of jiangsu, jiangsu 114.29 billion yuan of loans lead the country, zhejiang had 89.985 billion yuan, showing local finance is flourishing. however, the lending crisis also high in both regions, and once the crisis expanded, ecological system of small loans may face sharp contractions. overall, the year of 2014 will be a credit risk in china and gradually released, micro-credit industry as the lowest end of the industrial chain, that the pressure is not small, could face a reshuffle and differentiation. faced with this prospect, regulators, the micro-credit institutions and investment need to be fully prepared, risk control within the acceptable range.