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small loan company to restart the financial trust ali via raised 360 million

once-sweltering with the micro-credit-trust cooperation appeared again.
september 17, shandong trust releases "alixing 2nd trust plans to set up a collection notice", said the planned period of 12 months, priority trust capital of 100 million yuan.
image of this trust was mysterious. "heard that ali financial trust fundraising before, but there has been no public disclosure. "trust company executives said that the trust the total raised capital of 120 million yuan (including 20 million after bad money). on september 15, the shandong trust a source told reporters, in the company's own sales channels do not have this product, or through outside sales channels.
just 3 months ago, on june 13, ali project collection of financial assets income right of microfinance investment trust scheme (alixing 1th), trust funds raised 240 million yuan (first capital of 200 million yuan, after the bad assets of 40 million yuan).
the trust company executives told reporters that these two products should be only a small loan company and trust cooperation project. "the banking regulatory commission found last year that the trust involved in secured financing risk, informed the trust companies cautious cooperation with small loans, guarantees and pawn that regulators do not support micro-credit companies financed by trust. in addition, the uneven quality of small loan companies, business is also more fragmented, it is difficult to assess risk, the trust generally does not choose to cooperate with it. "
in hong kong with years of working experience in the micro-credit into venture capital company official told reporters in late 2011, a small loan company in shanghai and the western trust has drafted the trust agreements, encountered when preparing to issue the notice of the cbrc administration, then not release similar products. "alixing has three characteristics, ali micro-credit loan assets of investment income right, targeted investment platform for small business merchants, alipay ali regulatory capital. this is also why break out. "
paypal instead of bank?
it is understood that the shandong trust bought ali financial assets income right of microcredit procedures for ali, micro-credit loans to alibaba's e-commerce platform on the sale of businesses to provide, then ali small loans to package its credit assets, shandong trust used trust funds to purchase rights to revenue of the credit assets.
"which is a property of the trust. loan claims such trust requires high counterparties, small loan companies and some small capital companies don't fit; equity trust has many problems. property trusts can achieve the financial objectives, and avoid some of the problems. "these trust executives said.
"also has two concerns, one company has a huge sale of small and medium business database, you can control the small and micro loans. in addition, the network business loan short term, the trust's principal and interest can be recycled into loans. "he said.
alixing trust funds in the acquisition of ali after the credit assets income right of the micro-credit, a special paypal account, ali, the micro-credit lending and account management through a paypal account.
"alipay acts as a third-party monitoring of the funds, trust by checking for shandong credit assets and pays the valuable account, for real-time monitoring of the use of trust funds, and ali, ali platform businesses, micro-credit, paypal form a closed system, effectively preventing the misappropriation of funds. "above this financial venture officials said.
in his view, paypal actually had to go to the front desk, fund custodian banks instead went to the background. "this is alipay self-innovation, breakthrough, expanded features, ali made a financial chain. "
in addition, the trust did not disclose the interest rate for alixing 2, above this financial venture said its cost should be less than 15%, and ali's financial interest rates in the years 18%-21.6%, profit margins significantly.
at the end of june 2012, mainly responsible for ali, of alibaba's micro-credit companies operating financial business, has accumulated more than 129,000 stock financing for small and micro businesses, total loans of more than 26 billion yuan.
small loan companies trust financing restart
finance is the plight of small loan companies.
the financing channels of small loan companies currently limited to banks and shareholders. last year, in various cities and provinces, including liaoning, had piloted the primary sponsor's stake, for example from the highest 20% extended to 49% and cancel the limit of small loan company with registered capital of 200 million yuan.
"liaoning's approach is equivalent to a relaxation of the micro-credit company shareholder ratioses and limits on how much. jiangsu, inner mongolia's small foreign loan companies, shareholder 100%. "du xiaoshan, director of the micro-credit union, told reporters in china.
the small loan company funds have not yet fundamentally solved. a case study of jiangsu, a rural commercial bank president, told reporters late last year, the banking watchdog is warning banks restrict credit to small loan companies, especially in more than one bank loans of small loan companies.
2011 before the first half of the year, small loan companies trust financing have occurred. pu yi of wealth data shows that hua chen trust, trust, trust of shanxi, xi ' an, citic trust and xinhua trust and small loan companies issuing trust products, mostly for loans and equity investment, expected to yield in 6%-10%.
time, trust with small loans, investments can also raise money, actually transformed into a "bank".
according to reporters from the state-owned enterprise backgrounds of trusts a trust manager to obtain "trust services for small companies", in 2010, they give customers funds into trust loans, equity investments, leasing of three and only require a small loan company capital of not less than 50 million.
security events in henan province in november last year, the cbrc has a sharp tightening of small loan companies and trust cooperation.
the above vote of this thaw said it was his understanding, some small loan company, particularly in shenzhen, already had talked about the assets income right of trust and trust companies, but not send, both have concerns about the regulation.
"ali small loans to restart cooperation and trust, i think because it changed the trust form of organization, by investing proceeds of credit assets; ali, another small platform, performance and shareholder loan background risk of sustained-release of the trust. "these trust executives said.