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micro-credit loans in shenzhen to handle

if you really are in desperate need of liquidity, and banks can't lend to micro-loans, private loans should find a regular loan offers you services! formal loan company before the loan is generally do not charge any fees.  

mortgage-free, non-guaranteed individual micro-credit loan materials required are as follows:  

1, identity documents:  

a, id;  

2, reference material:  

a, a social security card; b, the labor contract; c, company certificate;  

3, proof of income:  

a, payroll and revenue ledger;  

b credit card issuers, banks pay: will companies pay the bank salary card accounts or passbooks for making banking details for six months.  

c, cash payroll company every month wages in cash, deposit cash per month passbook for making detail billing for six months. wages, other personal books detail the six months billing.  

d, other related and effectiveness of personal income;  

4, proof:  

a, rental contract; b, nearly two months of electricity, water, gas, management fee billing.