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credit card interest rate cut is expected to

main content: the impact of the global financial crisis has spread to domestic credit card fields, 2009 credit card bad credit rate or rising to 3%-4%. current domestic credit card bad credit rate as a whole within the security line at 2.5%, in addition to the local area due to excessive credit granting a rate increase of cases, most of the area within the control.

credit card payments may consider cuts in interest rates  

content: national mortgage rates hit 70 percent, cards, also looks forward to, when can also give a discount credit card interest, make cards, relax. experts say that, if the credit card repayment interest rate cuts would spur credit card spending, thereby stimulating domestic demand growth, but high credit card npl rate, how to adjust credit card payments rates carefully.

credit card has not been received but was overdraw million  

content: pre-licensing due to revealed their identity card numbers credit card overdrafts 12000, huge losses, banks to remind consumers to apply for a new card, make sure to set the password, but cannot reveal the identity card number to a stranger, to prevent similar events from happening again.