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individual consumption loans rising

8th public li happily from anshan branch of the icbc received 200,000 yuan for consumer loans, used for he had just got a new house. "after buying a new house, home savings to almost nothing. consumer loans, so i managed to borrow money from the bank, solve the pressing need. "  

banks seek new development   

from june 1, the regulators will require banks to implement daily supervision of the loan shall not exceed 75% standards. more stringent regulatory standards with 5 times in a row this year raised the reserve requirement ratio, retrenchment, first affecting the mortgage. mr gao has deep feelings about this. high to buy a house at the end of last year, individual housing loans have only recently got his application.   

the city banks had already launched the individual consumption loans, such as student loans, renovation loans have been refreshing, since most people are not used to spending tomorrow's money, today's dream, so much about and handled less, some consumer loans have had to close. 8th, the official told reporters about a bank credit this year, because of the credit crunch, tighter mortgage, banks are seeking new development opportunities, adjusting a loan business patterns, most banks to restart the business. anshan branch of icbc introduced financial planner liu zhongjiu, anshan branch of icbc launched consumer loan to meet the financing needs of the general public with a convenient way. these products introduced was in hot pursuit, come to the consultation to handle an endless stream of customers. the first 5 months of this year, personal consumption loan of 34 million yuan, more than last year's 1 time.   

consumption class loan for life decompression   

first mortgage came into being, again to car loan, and housing decoration, and tourism, business field of gradually expand; from personal consumption loan not by bank institutions and borrowing people attention, to personal consumption loan became financial industry compete for market of important business points, personal consumption loan gradually became change people life of important financing means, for himself of life reduction has pressure.   

the "consumer loans generally refers to the decoration, travel, cars, and other uses of the loans. "liu zhongjiu told reporters that consumer loans has wide usage and application for low threshold, the procedure is simple, flexible terms, approval rapidity. customer may act according to own actual situation to decide the loan period. once the object is identified as a loan, customers generally 3-5 day drawing. dominated by monthly instalments, banks many, easy access and also free sms //alerts for customer service, convenient repayment.   

a bank with consumer credit   

daughter of mr james tien has just sat college entrance examination, a family of three children after that tour abroad, tourist fee need sixty thousand or seventy thousand three people, he didn't so much spare cash on hand. he uses pledge of term deposit, loans of 50,000 yuan. liu zhongjiu introduced, in fact, real estate or even a deposit can be used for mortgage loans, including home improvement, travel, study, car buyers can apply for a personal loan.   

financial planner, told reporters at a bank, deposit mortgage apply to term deposits coming due and money-hungry consumers, according to mortgage 90% requirements in an amount not exceeding the amount of deposit, deposit of 50,000 yuan loan for only 45,000 yuan. however, pledge of term deposit consumers need to carefully assess whether deposit interest to cover mortgage interest, or should be to withdraw their savings.   

liu zhongjiu introduced consumer loans into mortgages and unsecured loans. unsecured loans, commonly known as personal credit loans without collateral such as real estate, granted by the bank according to the personal credit loans. unsecured credit lines lower a bank related parties, the loans up to 200,000 yuan, the loan term is shorter, in less than a year. mortgage rates are also significantly higher than the mortgage-free, depending on the lender and the borrower loan term is different, general unsecured loan annual interest rate on the benchmark interest rate floating 40%.   

the financial planner told reporters, but this kind of loans to borrowers with higher work requirements, most banks only for public institutions and state-owned enterprises or employees of large foreign companies, although some banks have launched mortgage-free products specifically, open to have a steady income per capita. unsecured loans are also known as credit, so this type of loan product attaches on the credit record, if there are late payment records, applying for loans of this nature is difficult.   

although many banks with consumer credit, but there is no outbreak of "price war", compared with last year, interest rates rose instead. a joint-stock bank loan manager, told reporters last year most of the personal consumer loans of bank interest rates are base rate, personal consumer loan interest rates this year are even floating 30% in the benchmark interest rate, and some banks have even floating 40% in the benchmark interest rate.