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some deep loan to hong kong enterprises ease "shortage of money"

"hong kong's smaller banks loans are flexible, as far as i know if you received other letters of credit, you can 60%-70% credits to the order amount in hong kong. "i also received a call from hong kong bank call back and ask me do you need a loan. "yesterday, the head of a furniture export enterprises in shenzhen li said to reporters.  

days to, reporter interview has foreign bank, and small enterprise main, and foreign trade company, and smes development association head, and enterprise accounting, more than 10 over industry people, reporter found really should has that sentence words "back hong kong international financial hong kong tree good shade", shenzhen a smes, is with hong kong by provides of foreign trade and the financing of convenience, again and again resistance live has funds hunger syndrome of torture. shenzhen sme development association secretary-general sun li introduced a conservative estimate, at least 10% of foreign trade enterprises in shenzhen to enjoy this convenience.  

open companies in hong kong take the financing platforms  

li referred to earlier, is a specialized foreign trade export furniture company executives, the company has two separate legal personality of the company. foreign trade companies in shenzhen, no rights to export-oriented small businesses directly; foreign trade companies registered in hong kong to receive dollar quotation order for mainland enterprises with export rights. "now is the production of small enterprises are short of money, my trading company in hong kong, can also play part of the advance payments to manufacturers in the mainland can also defer their cash-strapped. "lee said.  

recently, the cbrc released the first phase of the small and medium enterprises operating in shenzhen financial services index, shenzhen sme operations in the first quarter as a whole showed falling sales, rising costs and falling margins, financing needs and gaps increase characteristics of financing exist about 13% of enterprise financing is very difficult, 57% of the enterprise there is a certain degree of financing problems.  

sun li told reporters that hong kong banks loans are flexible, the most characteristic is the order of financing. small and medium banks in hong kong as long as the orders will see enterprise lending. she said, usually companies getting orders, but organized the purchase of the raw material funds, hong kong banks will make loans directly to suppliers of material there, receiving the materials produced.  

in theory, all of shenzhen and hong kong at the same time, with the company's enterprise, via hong kong financing basis, as long as through the hong kong bank audits.  

sun li estimated that approximately 30% of exporting smes in shenzhen, have companies registered in hong kong. hong kong companies are responsible for ordering, financing, after receiving the order and borrow money, and then by order to the shenzhen company remitted funds. her conservative estimates, the enterprise at least 10% of businesses enjoy the convenience of a hong kong-financed services.  

via hong kong financing path a lot  

shenzhen, head of a small export business mr wang told reporters that the shenzhen enterprises to use hong kong financing is actually very easy. delegate to register a company in hong kong, less than 10,000 yuan, with the hong kong companies can increase a lot of convenience. usually the path to achieve financing in hong kong: firstly, for companies with export business: hong kong company takes orders, financing in hong kong, then turned to mainland companies, money is also coming back. second, no export business, but would like to use the hong kong market and financing of the enterprise can be two transactions between enterprises in the mainland, go into each of the two mainland companies in transactions between companies based in hong kong. this case compliance operations is the need to export the goods to hong kong "day trip". there are individual enterprises by means of false declarations to muddle through. thirdly, the enterprise's overseas financing or profits back home. one in shenzhen production phones of enterprise head to reporter revealed, most common of method is, shenzhen a enterprise a, in hong kong procurement orders shi needed paid a pen foreign currency, and shenzhen another a in hong kong registered of company b just need to home in mainland of enterprise b1 back a pen funds, then b company available foreign currency for the the enterprise a, paid foreign currency, zhihou shenzhen a enterprise a, again by day yuan exchange premium of middle price paid yuan to hong kong funding company b in mainland of enterprise b1. "this business is a huge demand in shenzhen, mobiles phoness, electronic components, communications companies are doing, and we're all friends here, and do not need any intermediary fees. " 

a foreign bank branch manager in shenzhen to reporters, in short, as long as the orders, financing and trading companies in hong kong clearing platform and connected transaction of the company in the mainland, you can easily have access to financing facilities in hong kong.  

hong kong fund can be as low as 2 p  

a foreign bank branch manager in shenzhen, over the years, shenzhen enterprises will enjoy this convenience, and some even from the perspective of financing costs and reasonable tax avoidance directly towards financing in hong kong. "hong kong loans can also be four per cent, the second p, now you need to benchmark interest rate rise on the basis of 20%-30%. " 

" what big cost difference? " 

" how else to say that hong kong is an international financial centre, there has been plenty. "the president said.  

he told reporters, has been, deep in the hong kong chinese bank in hong kong are in line with parent bank loans such as fixed assets as collateral for mainland enterprises, hong kong lenders.  

the "hong kong banks in hong kong have much business? they are staring at the corporate finance business in the mainland, is more flexible. " 

" in shenzhen had fixed assets as collateral is not a loan? "  

"it's different, one is the cost of financing, and also loans problems. "" the mainland's loan is not tired? " governor's humor is laugh.  

according to the reporter, in addition to convenient financing, low cost factors, avoid the mainland enterprises are too high tax rates and more stringent account management system is incentive to companies willing to finance via hong kong. one business owner told reporters, export dollar earned himself was out of reach, direct settlement, if you want to withdraw, there shall not be more than the balance of public accounts 10% requirements, which do not exist in hong kong. so, "i almost directly to do import and export business in hong kong, received us $ purchase cover, spare part needs to come in and try to work something out. " 

some breaches of immigration  

reporters found that many business owners have told reporters that he heard there was an enterprise to do, but no person has ever done, or their enterprises don't lack money. a sort of enterprises of open secret when facing the media, businesses would still be unavoidable, still holds partly concealed.  

a person familiar with the analysis said in the capital under the background of no in/out privileges, loss of enterprise operations, no real business of foreign trade enterprises in particular, again via hong kong financing to avoid violations. like, hong kong company of funds wants to meeting into mainland enterprise, if is to mainland enterprise procurement, on has a associated trading pricing of master problem, mainland enterprise commodity quotes high, on has improve cost evasion smacks of; if only to will outside capital meeting into mainland, export just cover, so on will has enterprise desperate, part derived from this case of fake customs, and fake export also on came into being. and companies do not want to name any trade and faster to remit money to the mainland, underground temptation is hard to resist.  

in addition, if the business transaction settlement between to companies based in hong kong, mainland enterprises, profit loss, and there are tax evasion problems. a foreign bank branch manager in shenzhen said: "corporate profits in hong kong, has long been an open secret, the key is the mainland business taxes are too high, almost 1 time times higher business taxes than hong kong. " 

however, hong kong banks are not handouts, they pay more attention to risk control. sun li told reporters: "after the outbreak of the financial crisis of 2008, banks in hong kong do not hit any greeting to the enterprise directly by withholding loans. " 

hong kong wai   financial credit;

a cpa told reporters, hong kong banks in the mainland and hong kong parent to complement business, more useful hong kong company assets as collateral, bank loans in shenzhen. large companies financing operations in hong kong more convenient. he said, in theory, via hong kong finance facilities are available all over the country, as long as companies incorporated in hong kong. volume of hong kong's re-export trade in shenzhen's biggest, is derived from a unique geographical advantage. hong kong banks can be divided into minutes to deep research of the real situation.  

a foreign bank branch manager, said: "hong kong bank loan checks more, enterprises of their choice must be a viable business. " 

industry analysts said, with the advantage of hong kong's re-export trade, transit financing, not only makes the sz small and medium enterprise in capital thirsty when compared with other areas a way to survive, and more importantly, this locations strongly supports the sz manufacturing boom.  

insiders also believe that shenzhen had become renowned in such a short time manufacturing city in the world, hong kong's re-export trade, transit finance played a very great.  

shenzhen industrial structure adjustment facing now, with the help of chinese banks in hong kong, not only so that the viable business will not be disrupted by a neck choke of funds, but also will help them grow, and promote dynamic manufacturing industries in pearl river delta atmosphere to last for centuries.  

a number of small and medium enterprises in shenzhen with hong kong provides foreign trade and financing facilities, resist the money hungry again and again tortured. a conservative estimate, at least 10% of foreign trade enterprises in shenzhen enjoy the convenience of financing via hong kong. but inevitably, such as tax evasion, false declarations, false export violations.